Our story

Café Chez Téta

After several years working in the restaurant and hotel industry in Montreal, the desire to have a project of our own began to take up a lot of space. An idea germinated: to open an establishment offering third wave coffees with a Lebanese touch inspired by our culture. My Lebanese grandmother’s cooking has always been a source of comfort. The word Téta means “grandmother” in Lebanese. The name of our café honors the childhood memories associated with the warm and friendly welcome from my grandmother.

Our mission

Provide Montrealers with a typical Lebanese culinary experience resulting from ancestral village practices by allowing them to travel through the flavors and ingredients from the culture.

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Our vision

Become a staple of traditional Lebanese cuisine in Montreal



Beginning of business plan development



Choice of the name and logo of the café, inspired by my Lebanese grandmother.



Fall in love with the local and its location in the heart of the plateau.



Beginning of the development of the architectural plan for the transformation of our premises.

227 Rachel east
H2W1E4, Montréal, QC

C: info@cafechezteta.com
T: (514) 733-2364

The right ingredients above all